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Quick Facts -- Maui

The following are facts specific to the island of Maui.

Nickname: The Valley Isle

Flower: loke lani (Pink Cottage Rose)

Island color: pink

- 727.3 square miles (island of Maui)
- 1,159.3 square miles (the County of Maui, including the islands of Moloka'i, Lana'i and unpopulated Kaho'olawe)

Average temperature: low to high 70s (F), except the chilly slopes of Haleakala Crater -- which have a temperature range of 40 to 50� F.

Population (1998): 120,785

- By age (1997):
Under 5: 7.9 %
5 to 19: 21.3 %
20 to 44: 36.4 %
45 to 64: 31.1 %
65+: 13.3 %

- By ethnic groups (1998):
Caucasian: 31 %
Japanese: 12 %
Hawaiian/part Hawaiian: 22 %
Filipino: 15 %

- Major cities and towns (1990):

Kahului: 16,889
Kihei: 11,107
Lahaina : 9,073

The islands of Maui, Moloka'i, Lana'i and Kaho'olawe are governed by the County of Maui. The county is operated by a mayor, a nine-member
The island of Maui is Hawai'i's second most popular tourist destination.

West Maui, with the sprawling beaches and resorts of Ka'anapali and the historic whaling town of Lahaina, is one of Maui's major resort areas. South Maui is home to the island's other main resort area, Kihei/Wailea. Although the tropical north shore of Maui does not offer hotels, visitors can choose between bed & breakfasts and rental homes.

For the most current visitor arrival statistics visit the

Major Attractions:
The historic whaling town of Lahaina, the Maui Ocean Center, the slopes and vistas of Haleakala Crater, the winding road to Hana, and the white sand beaches of the Ka'anapali coast.
Crops grown on the islands of the County of Maui include fruits (such as pineapple), sugarcane and vegetables. Cut flowers and orchids are grown on Maui and Moloka'i; proteas are a specialty of Maui. For more information visit the

Aquaculture (1996): There are 19 operations with a value of $403,000.

Maui is the economic center and seat of government for the County of Maui. It is the second largest county in the state. The central Maui towns of Kahului and Wailuku is the island's business center.

Financial Institutions:
As of 1988 Maui had five banks with 22 branches, and 3 savings and loan associations with 11 locations.

Print and broadcast media:
The principal newspaper is The Maui News. In 1997, there were 4 AM and 9 FM radio stations, 5 commercial TV and 3 cable TV stations with 37,057 subscribers. For more local media links,
Health care:
In 1998 there were 231 doctors, 75 dentists, 854 nurses and 69 pharmacists on Maui. Major hospitals include Maui Memorial Medical Center.

Maui Community College offers a two-year associate degree and is part of the University of Hawai'i system.

Science and technology:
There are four astronomical observatories on Haleakala. The Maui Research and Technology Park is home to the Maui High Performance Computing Center which also supports the Pacific Disaster Center Project.

Notable facts:
Named for a Hawaiian demigod, Maui is the second largest of the populated Hawaiian Islands, with the second-largest population.

Maui was formed 1.3 million years ago by the volcano Haleakala (meaning "House of the Sun"), which is considered active and likely to erupt again within the next 200 years. Its last eruption was in 1790. The 10,026-foot-high volcano occupies much of central Maui and separates West Maui from the rest of the island.

The surrounding islands of Moloka'i, Lana'i and Kaho'olawe were formed by a group of six volcanoes and were once a part of Maui, but separated when the sea level rose and flooded the valleys between the land masses. These underwater valleys are shallower than the surrounding ocean and provide shelter for an abundance of marine life, including the humpback whales that migrate to Hawaiian waters during winter months (December through April) to give birth to their calves.


The most informative whalewatches by far are the cruises sponsored by Pacific Whale Foundation, a non-profit research, conservation and education organization.
-- Birnbaum's Hawaii

For the best whalewatch on Maui, go with the Pacific Whale Foundation, Hawaii's premiere marine research, education and conservation organization. We offer you Maui's #1 Whalewatch - the whalewatch chosen by more Maui visitors than any other. No other cruise compares!

The original and best.
Leaders in whale research and efforts to save whales from extinction, our work with Hawaii's humpback whales spans 20 years. The originators of whalewatch ecotours on Maui, we offer two decades of whalewatch experience. With a fleet of four whalewatch boats in constant radio contact, we'll take you where you can witness the most awe-inspiring whale activity. We guarantee you'll see whales, or you go again FREE!

Get the real facts.
Throughout your adventure, our expert marine biologists and marine research naturalists will interpret and explain the behaviors of the whales you see, and share with you the latest discoveries about these fascinating animals. Our scientific hydrophones let you tune in to the mysterious songs of the whales in the depths around you.

Make a difference.
We are Maui's only whalewatch that donates ALL profits help save whales and the oceans.

Award winning.
We were awarded the 1999 "Investing in the Environment Award" by Island Business Magazine. Cruise with us on Pacific Whale Foundation's own whalewatching vessels-staffed by a crew who really cares about the environment. Pacific Whale Foundation led the effort to create whalewatching regulations that would help protect whales and our captains have won awards for their environmentally sensitive approach to whalewatching.

Pacific Whale Foundation's on-board naturalists were eminently well-informed and provided outstanding commentaries, especially compared to the ones I had heard earlier in the week (on other whalewatch boats) which were trivial at best.
- On the Trail of the Whale

The Pacific Whale Foundation was started nearly two decades ago by a young man concerned about the fate of the humpback whale, a species nearing extinction. Our whalewatches grew out of our researchers desire to share our discoveries about whales with the public. Today, the Pacific Whale Foundation is recognized worldwide for our work to save whales and their habitats, through scientific research, public education and marine conservation.

Here's why Pacific Whale Foundation offers you the best value in whalewatching:
  • Your trip will be led by an expert. Knowledgeable marine biologists and research naturalists from the Pacific Whale Foundation make your trip fascinating and fun.
  • You're guaranteed to see whales from December 1 through May 15. If you don't see whales on your cruise, we'll give you a "Just-A-Fluke" coupon good for another whalewatch trip-FREE!
  • You can listen to the whales. We have hydrophones on all of our cruises.
  • You'll get TWO FREE GIFTS:
    • A FREE color whalewatch guide. Written by our research team, with lots of beautiful color photos of Hawaii's humpback whales, it's a wealth of information.
    • A FREE Whale Poster (a $25 value). Our vivid full color 20" x 30" whale photograph poster is provided free to your party-as a special thank-you for joining us.

Choose a time and harbor convenient for you!
We offer 15 cruises daily on four state-of-the-art vessels:

Ocean Spirit, our 65-ft. deluxe power catamaran, features a shaded cabin, sun decks, on board bathrooms. Capacity: 142 passengers (we will carry no more than 80% capacity to ensure the best possible service and comfort). Maalaea Harbor.

Manute'a, our sailing 50-foot catamaran with shaded cabin, sun decks and twin trampolines, onboard bathrooms. Capacity 49 passengers. Lahaina Harbor.

Pacific Whale, 41-ft. expedition boat, certified for 34 passengers. Comfortable bench seats, overhead canopy and 360 degree viewing. Maalaea Harbor.

Ocean Explorer, our new custom-built, 54-foot power catamaran is certified for 49 passengers. This new eco-friendly boat protects whales by producing less underwater noise. Stadium-style seating offers excellent viewing of whales. Lahaina Harbor.

This Discovery Adventure
is Two Trips in One

No other cruise compares! Travel with us on our flagship vessel, the double-deck power catamaran Ocean Spirit, for ultra-smooth cruising comfort. You'll be among the first to arrive at Molokini, when the snorkeling conditions are at their best and the reef is most uncrowded.

Next, Ocean Spirit will whisk you to a second snorkel site: Turtle Arches, known for its diversity of colorful fish and coral, and for the many Hawaiian green sea turtles seen here. If you wish, join our marine research naturalists on a guided snorkeling tour of this fascinating site. Discover the clever cleaner wrasse, the parrotfish that manufactures sand, the state fish (the humuhumunukunuku'apua'a) and more!

On our return trip to the harbor, we're often encounter humpback whales in winter, and sometimes wild spinner or bottlenose dolphins.

Ocean Spirit Surrounds You with Comfort
Custom-designed and built to exacting specifications, using everything we've learned during two decades of offering marine eco-adventures, Ocean Spirit is loaded with amenities. You'll find fresh water showers, a shaded cabin, sunbathing areas, men's/women's bathrooms and easy access swim steps.
Powered by non-polluting
Maui Biofuel

Ideal for Beginners and Families
Never used a snorkel before? Don't worry. Our friendly, knowledgeable crew will give you a complete lesson, along with flotation gear and all the encouragement you'll need to feel immediately at home in the water. Wear glasses? We'll fit you with an optical mask to let you see perfectly. Optional snuba and underwater cameras are available.

Superior Value and Service
As you'll see from the minute you're welcomed aboard by our crew, our trips have a well-deserved reputation for excellence. Just bring your towel, suit and sunscreen...we take care of everything else you need for a fantastic day:

  • Fresh-brewed Kona coffee to greet you, followed by a delicious tropical-style continental breakfast, including island juices, tropical fruits and fresh-baked pastries
  • Unlimited ice-cold refreshments
  • Deluxe buffet lunch, featuring our super-subs and fresh salad
  • Guided in-the-water tours by our Research Naturalist
  • Snorkeling at Molokini Marine Preserve
  • Snorkeling at Turtle Arches
  • All snorkel gear, including optical masks.
  • Complete snorkeling lessons
  • Personal flotation devices
  • Optional snuba and underwater cameras
  • Freshwater showers after snorkeling
  • FREE full-color whale-watching guide
  • FREE gift for your party! A color 20" x 30" marine photograph poster (a $25 value)

All profits help save our planet's oceans.

"We chose your excursions because we believe in what your organization is trying to accomplish. However, what really separates your tours from the rest is your staff's knowledge and excellent service. Every last crew member went to great lengths to make sure each passenger had anything that he or she desired, whether it be extra snorkeling gear, extra info on the animals and islands, or that one last drink before docking. You'll be seeing us again!"
    -- Todd and Lisa Stanley, San Francisco, California.

Book online now (see below) and save 10% off these prices.
Remember: On Ocean Spirit, Kids Go Free!

Molokini & Turtle Arches Snorkel Eco-Adventure TM
Adults: $55.58 Children (to age 12): Free (Regular price: $27.79)

For our "Kids Go Free" each child must be accompanied by one paying adult. Offer valid through November 30, 2000. Valid only on our Molokini & Turtle Arches Snorkel Eco-Adventure on the Ocean Spirit.

Ocean Spirit, our 65-ft. deluxe power catamaran, features a shaded cabin, sun decks, on board bathrooms. Capacity: 142 passengers (we will carry no more than 80% capacity to ensure the best possible service and comfort). Maalaea Harbor.

Check in at Slip #52 at Maalaea Harbor. Departs 7:00 a.m. Returns at noon. Check-in 30 minutes prior to departure. Prices do not include Hawaii state tax (4.166% ) and Hawaii state harbor fees (2%).

Refunds available only when cancellations received at least 24 hours prior to scheduled departure time. We reserve the right to substitute vessels and equipment. For your safety and convenience, alternative snorkeling sites and destination may be chosen due to weather or sea conditions.

Going to Maui? Don't miss the whales!

It is estimated that there are 6,000 to 8,000 endangered humpback whales in the North Pacific. Each winter, nearly two-thirds of these whales migrate to Hawaii to mate and give birth. Maui is where most of the whales are found. From December 1 through May 15, we guarantee you'll see whales with us!

Visiting Maui? Snorkel Molokini Marine Preserve with our coral reef experts!

As Maui's oldest and largest marine conservation organization, we know this special place well. Count on us to point out the unique sights you'd easily miss on your own. There's no better way to visit Molokini's unique natural area than with our coral reef experts!




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