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Among all the wedding packages we offer to our clients, the most popular one
is the Beach Chapel package. We have post some of the clients' wedding on
the web for clients to review.

The best beach is the Waialae Beach park which is located very closed to
Diamond Head and Waikiki area, in town, very convenience.
If you are interested in having a reception to follow, the best hotel is the
Kahala Hotel & Resort which is located 5 minutes away from the Waialae Beach
park. However, we do not arrange the reception, if you are interested, you
will need to communicate with the Catering department direct. You can go on
their web site for more information or contact the
Catering department at 808-739-8715.
Average cost is about $150 per person.

Pls. feel free to contact us for further assistance.

Mahalo and have a nice day.

> Hello.
> I'm planning my wedding in Hawaii and have been looking at your website for
> the past couple of days. I would like to get more information on wedding
> packages. My Fianc?nd have a date picked. March 28, 2008. Are these
> beaches secluded and private or are they public?
> Thanks,


Hello im the brides . My fiancé and I, Jimmy Brown are getting married on (Saturday) March 3rd at the Waimea
 Falls Botanical Garden. We are looking for a florist…. Maybe that is you!
If you are receiving this email, then I probably also sent you a packet by mail with some pictures of my floral wishes.
 Hopefully this letter and the pictures help you get an idea of the wedding theme. We are hoping for a Hawaiian/oriental style décor.
The bridesmaids dresses are yellow. The groomsmen are wearing bone kicky pants with a bright
solid colored shirt that is a reddish~orange~mauve…
 difficult color to explain. I have a color swatch sample if you need it. The groom will be wearing all kicky and white and I will be in Ivory. I am not decorating in much color for the linens and such (primarily white), so I would like a TON of primary color in the flowers!
If you have any ideas that go along with the style that we have chosen, and things that may substitute for less expensive,
 I am open to hearing your opinion!!

1. ONE BRIDAL BOUQUET: A cascade of ALL WHITE flowers that can gently sway
from side to side as I walk down the isle. Some possibilities for flowers include:
* Dendrobium orchids
* Phalaenopsis orchids
* Tuberose and/or Pikake
* White Lilies
* Stephanotis
* Gardenia or Freesia.
* White lily of the valley
Please, no roses! In addition, I prefer only a touch of greens in my bouquet. I do not mind if the middle of some flowers have a touch of yellow in them. I would love this bouquet to be very fragrant!

2. WHITE FLOWERS FOR MY HAIR: Maybe stephanotis…..
I am open to suggestions. I plan on wearing my hair half up and half down and just
need a few scattered white flowers woven in to it. I might like to put a pearl in the
center of each flower that is part of a bobby pin. I can send you a picture if you need.

3. ONE BRIDAL LEI: Tuberose and Pikake….. Can we make it long and open with all
white flowers, no greens. But, open like a male lei? I would like to wear it across my
neck with the open ends at my back in place of a scarf that came with my wedding

4. GROOM’S LEI: Maile entwined with pikake Lei (open lei)

5. THREE BRIDESMAIDS BOUQUETS: Bursting with COLOR!!!!!!!!! (Primary
colors, NOT pastels!) There are 3 bridesmaids and they are wearing yellow dresses.
The dress color is a lighter yellow than I had hoped for so I would like to make sure
there is at least one big yellow Lily in the bouquet somewhere to make their yellow
dresses POP! In addition an orange lily, some red ginger, some pretty greens. Maybe
even a few purple delphiniums (belladonna’s), and some hyperacid berries?
I would like these bouquets to be short stems with some pretty ribbon to wrap the
stems… we can decide on a color ribbon together when we pick the flowers.

6. THREE GROOMSMEN LEIS: Dark Brown Kukui nut leis with greens and
small yellow/orange ?seeds? in between…….

7. ISLE FLOWERS: All White flowers to line the middle of the isle, and yellow/white
Plumerias to line the outside of the isle. I will walk down the isle on these flowers
instead of a cloth runner.

8. ARCH FLOWERS: This is difficult to explain. I can show you a picture of exactly
what I like. It consists of some greens at the top of the arch with some small red
flowers in the middle, with some white Antheriums beside them. Then I would like
some cascading white flowers to flow down the arch way. With a few red and yellow
flowers scattered at the top of the white cascades.

9. TABLE ARRANGEMENTS: My sister is a florist. She wants to make the table
arrangements for us. We are looking to buy some flowers in bulk for the table
arrangements. There will be about 12 tables.
For EACH table arrangement we are looking for;
* 1 Heliconia
* 5 curly willows
* 6 frescia (red/rust)
* 4 purple delphiniums
* 6 hypericum berries
* 4 yellow cymbidium orchids (unless there are other colors also?)
* 4? Song of India leaves? Or some other greens that you recommend for us to loop

12 Heliconias
60 Curly Willows
72 Frescias (red/rust)
48 Purple Delphiniums
72 Hypericum Berries
48 Cymbidium Orchids (yellow? Or is there other colors?)
48? Song of India Leaves?

I would also like some big green leafy foliage to lay on the tables…. What do you recommend? Maybe 20-25 large multi shaped leaves.

10.) CAKE FLOWERS: Orchids (Yellow, Lime green, orange and red) Is that possible?
I have a picture I can show you.

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