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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hawaii wedding flower girls

Many brides agonize over whether or not to include children on the guest list for their Hawaii wedding, but far fewer think twice when deciding to include flower girls and ring bearers as part of their bridal party. Having these pint sized members of a bridal party certainly makes for adorable photographs of your wedding. It is also a good way to include children you may feel have to attend the wedding, plus children love the outdoors and feel very comfortable on a beach wedding. These could be children of the bride and groom – either theirs together or from previous relationships; or they might be children of a close family member or friend who you ask to be in the wedding.
photo by Hawaii weddings photographer http://www.lotustar.com/
The ideal age for flower girls and ring bearers is between the ages of four and eight. Younger children are too cute for words in this position, but for many young children, walking down the aisle alone is a frightening thought. You must also remember that the flower girl and ring bearer participate in other events, such as bridal showers, rehearsals, and in some cases a bridesmaid luncheon. The youngest of children may not be able to partake in all of the festivities, especially if they are not timed to a nap time schedule.
If you are not going to invite other children to the wedding, you may want to do something special at the wedding to make sure the flower girl and ring bearer are attended to. If these are the children of other members of the bridal party, and they struggle with appropriate behavior, you may lose the member of the bridal party who is the parent to the child. This is going to not only affect your photographs, but in the worst case scenario, it also affects the procession up the aisle, the meal time toasts, the bridal party dance, and other events you want your bridal party included for.
The reasons you don’t have children at your wedding are really reasons to consider not having a flower girl or ring bearer. These are children, after all, and they will require extra attention during all of your pre-wedding and wedding festivities. They may not be able to sit quietly still long enough to get through your ceremony, especially if they are not accustomed to attending Church services. You might also find they get bored at the reception. If you still wish to include children in your bridal party, take a few extra steps to insure that they are accommodated so their disruption to your wedding is as minimal as possible.
Hawaii wedding coordinator Agung cantikhttp://bluehawaiiweddings.com/

Friday, August 14, 2009

Hawaii Wedding photographer

The photos a professional photographer might capture during those last moments may become your favorite. Holding hands as you walk along the beach, or wrapped up in each other’s arms as you stand on the amazing volcanic rock overlooking the ocean will show peacefulness, a serenity that you will reflect back on when you realize you really made the right decision to commit yourselves to each other for life.
When you are looking for a photographer who will do this for you, explain that you probably just want someone who will follow you and your intended for a period of a few hours. The photographer might recommend to you some local places where you might find the calm quiet you want reflected in your photos, so look to them for advice.
Dress casually, like you would if you were not being followed by photographers. Enjoy a fuzzy sweatshirt or your favorite tank top. The more comfortable and relaxed you feel, the more that feeling will come through in the photos.
The wedding is the fairy tale you have planned since you were a little girl, but the guy is your dream come true. Spend some time focusing on the happiness that dream has brought you, and it will make for some stunning photographs. Article Hawaii weddings and wedding theme ideas

Friday, May 15, 2009

Ideas for an outside Hawaii wedding

Hawaii destination wedding advise

In Any outdoor wedding location you selected already provides most of the decorations you need like the trees, flowers, scenery of a lake or a hilltop vista or whats the most popular for Destination wedding are ocean beach front cermeonies. But of course, you have to embellish it a bit and make it more suited to your wedding. Having a wedding arch, which serves as the focal point of the ceremony, is preferred by many. You can have it simple and ornamented or decorate it flowers and ribbons for more color. The wedding arch can be coordinated with raised planters having flowers that match the overall setting.
With Catered food
Be sure to hire caterers who are experienced in outdoor events. The foods they will provide need to be suited to the outdoor condition. When it comes to drinks, be certain that there are non-alcoholic beverages that are best for a hot day because alcohol can be dehydrating.
Informing the Guests
It is important for your guests to know that they will be attending an outdoor wedding so they can dress more appropriately. For out-of-town guests, it would be nice if you can send them weather information in case they are not familiar with the location’s climate.
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Monday, April 06, 2009

Wedding Cake Themes You’ll Enjoy

When you ask guests what they’ll notice most of all other than the bride’s wedding dress…it’s the wedding cake! The wedding cake you choose is critical to your wedding celebration. You want to choose a wedding cake that suits the theme, style and personality of your wedding. Fortunately there are many different types of wedding cake themes you can enjoy.

One of the most important things to choose first is the flavor of your wedding cake. It used to be that wedding cakes were either vanilla, yellow or lemon cake with buttercream icing. No longer! Today many delicious flavors of wedding cakes exist to tempt and tantalize you and your guests. Enjoy red velvet, butterscotch, espresso, double chocolate, French vanilla and so many other flavors. A popular theme with wedding cakes today is not simply selecting a single flavor – but actually having a different flavor for each layer of your wedding cake. So if your wedding cake is five layers – then you will have five yummy flavors in all. This is the ideal way to please many different guests’ palates and tastes as they will all enjoy your delicious wedding cake – all just a little different!

It used to be that the bride and groom would be represented by a small china wedding topper depicting a wedding couple on top of the cake. While many brides and grooms do still use this wedding topper, the current wedding cake theme trend has gone to using your new monogram to top your cake says Kauai wedding cake maker. A monogram is completely original and a great way to express yourself. There are so many different ways your monogram’s letters can be created and styled to compliment your personality and taste. From classic, modern, contemporary to trendy. It is easy to see how this would please lots of newly wed couples.

Flowers on wedding cakes have been a very popular trend for several years. It used to be that wedding cakes would be topped with flowers created out of sugar. But today these flowers are actual flowers. These flowers look fresh, beautiful and smell wonderful. A great wedding cake theme can be to match the wedding cake flowers to the flowers in the bride’s bouquet. Guests will be certain to notice this eye catching detail.

No matter the cake you choose, the bride and groom should select one they feel their guests will enjoy and also expresses their personality to a “T.” Some couples are more traditional and others are more contemporary and this can be seen in their choice of a wedding cake. But one thing is for certain….every wedding cake is delicious! by your Kauai wedding planner

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Black and white photography

Black and White Wedding Photography
Black and white photography is still the favorite among a number of photographers who work on wedding days. Black and white wedding photography is among the most used areas in this type of photography. There are more couples opting for a combined wedding album of black and white photos that can make a unique wedding album. Choosing a black and white digital photography for your big day is also an excellent option. A digital photography in black and white is often more valued than coloured photography. There is a distinguished depth to black and white photography which leaves some imagination on the viewer. It is also a great opportunity to be taken back into time momentarily to the days when life was much simple and imagination that ruled the world. An excellent black and white photography would require a set of unique skills to make the photographs outstanding just like the colour photos... more info found at Hawaii wedding photography

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Photography Portfolios and why they are important

Oahu Wedding photographer

There are many people out there looking to further their career. People do not realize that in any job you need an excellent portfolio. This includes for photography experts as well. What kinds of photographers are out there? Many. Some photographers specialize in Celebrity photography, Underwater photography, Dental photography, Glamour photography, Portrait photography, Travel photography and Sales Photography among more. Therefore, if you are looking to get ahead in your profession then you need a professional portfolio with your work.

If you are a Celebrity photographers or what is more commonly referred to as paparazzi, you should have a portfolio. If you want to begin working under an agency instead of freelance your portfolio is your key. This can actually also help you to get into glamour photography if you are actually skilled with the camera. Remember though, you cannot put photographs in your portfolio where you have sold the rights. As long as you are giving the photographic byline or have not sold the shot, only then can you include it in your portfolio. However

Underwater photography is a great type of profession as you will experience the down under and what you capture on film is what you are going to share with the world. These photos can be absolutely spectacular if done correctly. If you are looking to further your career with your portfolio you need to show your future employers your deep sea adventure photography skills. Considering this type of photography is not for everyone because you must know how to swim, scuba dive and at times be fearless to who you may encounter. Therefore, a good way to show these skills to your future employer is to show these in your shots. Coral reefs are nice but hardly as dangerous and fearless as putting yourself next to jaws. However, if you deliver your photos with skill and grace and demonstrate this in your portfolio you are sure to be successful.

This type of underwater photography is similar to safari and even travel photography as you are dealing with animal and social elements. For instance capturing war shots can be incredible but they can also be incredibly dangerous as well. Nevertheless these are the same types of photographs that you will need to have in your portfolio not only to say that your photos have meaning and can transmit a meaningful message but also that you are fearless and willing to go the extra mile to get the photographs that your employers want.

Therefore, if you want to get ahead in your photography career, the number one way to do this is by creating a dynamic photographic portfolio. The more attention your portfolio draws, the better your chances are of not only landing a job but getting a very well paying one too. Photography can be a very lucrative profession and you can use your portfolio as a bargaining chip as well as long as it meets those superior standards.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Fashion Photography

When most people think of fashion photography, they think of high fashion, models, eccentric photographers, exotic locations, and glamour. Fashion photography is something only models can experience, right? Wrong! Fashion photography is something everyone can and should experience at least once in their lifetime.
Fashion photography is much different than the kinds of photography most people are used to. School pictures, the yearly family picture taken in a studio, and wedding photography are the most common kinds of professional photography that people are familiar with. The choices in that sort of photography are limited. You can choose from a limited number of regimented poses and various kinds of mundane, plain backdrops. Your choices in clothing are often left up to whatever is clean that day or what looks the most flattering on us. Getting hair and make-up done are optional. In the end, you’re left with pictures that may or may not look anything like you, complete with forced smiles and unnatural poses. You wind up ordering whichever photographs look the least bad instead of ones that you really enjoy.
Also Graphic photography smashes through all the old habits and traditional ways of doing things. With fashion photography, you suddenly have so many more choices that traditional photography provides. Poses and backdrops are limited only by your imagination. Whatever clothes you want to wear are just fine. Suddenly you’re able to pick from pictures that actually depict who you are as a person.
The flexibility of fashion photography allows for the most creativity. You can decide whether or not you want your model port interesting than update your shoots often with many different styles of photographers also taken indoors or studio or outdoors bring depth and focus to your style. Fashion photography taken in a studio is much freer than traditional studio photography. There are typically more backdrops and more props available for your fashion photography section. You can bring multiple outfits with you to change into throughout your fashion photography session. Some fashion photography studios even employ hair stylists and make-up artists to ensure you look your absolute best for your fashion photography session.
If you decide to have your fashion photography session outdoors, you can have photographs taken while doing some of your favorite things. If you love the beach, you can have fashion photographs taken of you on the beach. Rose gardens, parks, and even the desert aren’t out of the realm of possibility when you book a fashion photography session.
One of the greatest benefits of fashion photography is the boost it often gives to the ego of the person who booked the photography session. Because you’re not limited in your choices and you’re free to be who you really are during the fashion photography session, your personality and what makes you who you are really shines through in the photographs. Since most people associate fashion photography with celebrities and glamour, having o port with new and exciting photos of your session can make or break a deal with the modeling agency. Some more interesting wedding photo may be found at our beach weddings site located in Hawaii

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hawaii wedding Photo tour

Wedding offer the perfect settings for art in Photography, science aspect in photography is the technical and the equipments used in photography. The dynamics of the shot as well as the mechanics of the camera is an example of the science part of photography. There are also some scientific steps that are followed by photographers to create a good photo. The camera alone is a proof that photography is indeed a form of science. When photographers take pictures, adjustments are made on the camera to give clear image. This is one technique of photographers that could be considered the science part of photography. Photographers work varies because of the skill applied to their work. A change in technology also makes photography tools change from time to time too.
Shawn and Aki's Wedding Photo Tour

Setup Wedding Family Amore Kimono Photo tour :: Blow hole :: Palm Trees
Unfortunately, various arguments are still being raised regarding this issue. It seems that there are no definite or concrete answers if photography is indeed an art or a science. In weddings as an example upabove the photographer used both science and Art to capture their wedding photos. Both concepts have views that are valid and that are considered to be true. Nevertheless, the only thing you have to consider here is that all these concepts work hand in hand. You make capture an image from an artistic point of view but it lacks technical skills. With this instance, the photo won’t be considered a good one. Same goes with using the best photographic equipment and applying the skill. If there is no artistic concept or emotions conveyed in the photo, the image won’t be considered a breathtaking one. The important thing here won’t be what photography really is: art or science. What is important is to have the concepts work together to create a world-class photo. More info maybe found at beach weddings

Monday, January 12, 2009

New wedding estates in Hawaii

a New Estate thats on Oahu........
I want to give you some information on the newest and best site on Oahu to hold your weddings. This 4.2 acre beachfront property is known as paradise to the locals and some think it is a bird sanctuary. Your wedding parties can have accommodations in the new estate mansion along with have their beach wedding and receptions on this site. We will assist you in every way to make this a perfect place to hold your clients weddings.Fanger Estates is located on Oahu's North Shore, thirty minutes from the Honolulu airport and downtown Waikiki. The property is surrounded on three sideswith a 6' lava rock wall for privacy and on the front side is the Pacific Ocean,400' of private beach, with a beautiful white sand and exposed reefs that extend into thewater, backed up by the breathtaking Hawaiian mountains The property has 60 mature coconut trees with 80 other indigenous Hawaiian trees and shrubs located in a park like setting. As you drive through th e massive gate you enter a new island world with beautiful vegetation, local birds and a soft ocean breeze. You have to see it to believe it.The 6,200 square foot newly built luxury mansion (it will be completed and released on the rental market by May 2009) has a 30' by 50' Grand Room with51' of 9' 6" high circular windows 40' from the waters edge. This Grand Room has 20' vaulted ceilings that have a cathedral like effect and is perfect for a wedding ceremony. The estate works perfectly for having a wedding ceremony, reception and even honeymoon. The mansion seats up to 70 for a wedding theme ceremony in the Grand Roomor up to 200 in the grounds if the wedding ceremony is outside. The mansion can seat up to 60 people for an inside dinner or up to 200 for an outside dinner.Six elegant bedrooms are available for family living space along with bride and groom preparation. There is a large kitchen with a commercial double oven, sixburner stove and large refrigerator and freezer. The house has five conveniently located bathrooms and plenty of parking. The estate wedding is perfect for many types of weddings. An elegant affair or traditional Hawaiian wedding with Luau, Hawaiian music, hula and fire dancersand much more. You will be able to assist your clients to have the perfect wedding. The estates' park like grounds are meticulously maintained and a great place to take a walk or let the chi ldren play or explore. The shoreline in front andadjacent to the property a white beach stretching for ½ mile with tide pools,reefs and a great place to swim, wade, surf, sunbath or just take a walk or run.If your clients want to take a hike in the Hawaiian mountains there are trails just .5 miles from the property that snake through the cannons and valleys and end up onthe ridge overlooking the estate and Pacific Ocean. The hike with flowers, dense forests and Hawaiian vegetation is a great place to reflect see nature at itsbest or just get some exercise.
come to the tropical island for your Kauai wedding

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Renewing your vows in Hawaii

Renewing wedding vows become more intimate than fancy weddings as what is always preferred by first time weddings. This wedding celebration often becomes limited only to close friends and do not have more than 50 visitors. Visiting Oahu is then the perfect place for the couples who want to renew their vows. There are a lot of activities in store for the group because Oahu is also rich in many attractions that can make you fall in love all over again.
Saying “I do” once more can be best experienced in Oahu. The beautiful beaches of Waikiki will welcome you and your close friends and relatives as you come close to becoming more in love with each other. The sound of the waves will make you feel at peace and away from the noisy crowd in your own hometown. You can explore the very relaxing spas and witness the wonderful scenes in the waterfalls and hike the rainforests here.
The second time experience of getting married in Oahu will not be ordinary. The romance can grow and become stronger because the couple can testify again their love to each other. The Oahu style of being married will make you be carried away with nature. You will not hesitate to wander the island and experience the fun and thrill of being there. The scenic shores can be your best background as you capture those moments of love and passion to each other. It pays to be here in Oahu as it has become worth it not juts because of the wonderful sceneries but because of the life that I came to appreciate. The lovers I see getting married here are truly very exceptional than those I have seen on other places. Oahu can make the best memories that you and your family can cherish forever.
Oahu weddings will still become more in demand in the future. Get here now and renew your love to your wife or husband. Love will never be the same again as it will become lovelier here in Oahu.

Paul Agung is the owner of Aloha Island Weddings a Wedding in Hawaii company that helps couples and family's create their travel wedding dream vacation on Hawaiian islands.He also discusses many different types wedding articles related to wedding themes. Based in Hawaii he is an active Kauai wedding coordinator and event planning specialist.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Treat the Whole Family to a Fabulous Hawaiian Holiday

A holiday with the family could be among the most unforgettable and happiest experiences that one would always remember. Undeniably, a Hawaiian vacation tops the list for many families. Since there are various ages and personalities entwined in a typical household, it could be a little difficult to plan for a vacation. But there is no need to fret because Hawaii has plenty of options to choose from to keep one’s household thoroughly entertained. Listed below is an array of family-friendly places in Hawaii:


The USS Arizona Memorial is a place where the entire kin could learn some history. This memorial is situated at the historic Pearl Harbor in the island of Oahu. It was built to pay tribute to the people who passed away when the harbor was bombed by the Japanese back in 1941.


The Waikiki Beach is probably the most popular among all of the Hawaiian beaches. It offers two miles of silky golden sand and it not only presents families a chance to unwind, but it also features numerous activities for children to enjoy. Some of the things that they could do are fun activities in the waters, visit the zoo, or they could also take some lessons on surfing.


The North Shore in Oahu is also a famed tourist destination for the whole family. It is renowned for its impressive surfs during the winter. The island of Oahu’s North Shore is a first-rate surfing destination and all members of the family would be amazed when they watch a few surfing competitions.


The Polynesian Cultural Center is a great way for visitors to discover the history of the Hawaiian Islands and other cultures of the Pacific. It boasts of an interactive setting that involves a luau in the evening.


Families would also take pleasure in the picturesque sceneries of the Waimea Canyon. This is found on Kauai and this flourishing green canyon is comparable to the marvelous Grand Canyon. It would be best for people to enjoy the Waimea Canyon by taking a helicopter tour or by even hiking in a trail.


The Kapalua Beach is another great site that every member of the household could delight in. It offers soft fine sand, tranquil waters, and outstanding snorkeling adventures. The Kapalua Beach is situated in Maui and this is not just a fantastic spot for children, but it is also acclaimed by a lot of people as one of the greatest beaches in the state.


To appreciate nature more, families should also visit the Mauna Loa. The Mauna Loa is actually a section of the well-known Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park. This volcano stands around 13,677 feet well above the turquoise surface of the dazzling Pacific Ocean. It is Hawaii’s second tallest volcano and was only beaten in height by Mauna Kea, which is a more silent volcano. Atop the Mauna Loa’s pinnacle, there is a caldera named Mokuaweoweo that showcases several craters that have erupted in the past.


A family vacation in the Hawaiian Islands would undeniably be filled with wonderful experiences and this is a great way for people to bond. There would surely be no shortage of delightful activities for each member of a typical household. Gorgeous Hawaii is truly the ultimate ideal destination for a fun family holiday. More info found at Hawaii Vacation . info

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bridal Questions

My daughter is getting married Aug 8, 2009 at a private home on Sunset Beach. We are having both the wedding and reception on the beach in front of the house. She wants to be married at Sunset but are thinking of a wedding at 5:00-6;00PM with reception following. We are looking at having approximately 60 guests. We need help with the following:
caterer - we are thinking of a buffet menu offering some Hawaiian dishes as she is marrying a native Oahu guy who loves his poi, kalbi ribs and kahlua pig, as well as Salmon etc
Bakery - they want to serve cupcakes instead of cake, and also have cheesecake and maybe other desserts
Florist - we need help with the bouquets, and they want a petal aisle to a bamboo arch on the beach.
Wedding Officant - They will need help finding a minister and planning the ceremony (I don't think they know yet what type of ceremony they want, so will need help with that0
Music - They would like Hawaiian music before the ceremony, during a cocktail hour (while they are having pics taken) and during dinner. They would also like to have hula dancers after dinner.
Tents, tables chairs, linens etc - We would like the reception to be under a tent, with coordinating linen etc.
Reception florals and accents - we would want simple tablepieces - we have seen tall glass vases wrapped with bamboo with orchids, lilies or other such flowers. She wants lots of candles, and paper lanterns inside the tent. White lights as well?
Photographer - we would like suggestions here.
Our budget - well we aren't sure where to start, so need help with what things really cost , then go from there.
We will be taking care of the liquor and bartender, but not the catering staff. We will also provide the leis for our guests as Rodney's family still lives on the island and are doing this for the wedding.
We would like a day of wedding coordinator there.
We plan on coming to Hawaii to plan November 3-9, and would like to meet wih a selected planner at that time to cement the details for the wedding. We would appreciate a proposal and any ideas and suggestions from you. I know I haven't listed all that a wedding entails, but hope this is a start. Thanks
Susan Braithwaite Mother of the Bride
Bride and Groom:
rod and cam

Dance the Hawaiian Hula

Hawaii is very famous around the globe for its hula dance. When people daydream about the Hawaiian Islands, there is no doubt that their minds would also drift towards this renowned dance. Tourists could also learn how to do the hula, particularly during luaus. The hula is a form of dance that is accompanied either by a song or a chant. It was the Polynesians, which are acknowledged as the original Hawaiian settlers, who developed the hula in the islands. The song or chant that goes with the hula is called the mele and what the hula dancers actually do is to dramatize or interpret the mele.

  There are various styles of the hula dance, but they are usually split into just two broad groups, which are kahiko and auana. Kahiko is what the locals call the ancient hula, which was performed prior to Hawaii’s encounters with the West. The kahiko is tied in with chants as well as some traditional instruments. The hula kahiko is presented these days by dancing gracefully to Hawaii’s historical chants. Plenty of hula kahiko are exemplified by the dancers’ traditional costumes, by their solemn looks, as well as by showing respect for their religious roots.

  Auana is the hula dance that evolved during the both the 19th and 20th centuries, when Hawaii is already under the Western influence. This type of hula is accompanied with a song in addition to musical instruments influenced by the West like the double bass, the ukulele and of course, the guitar. The contemporary hula came up from the modification of ancient hula dance and mele that were tweaked using Western influences. The main influences of this modern hula were musical harmony as well as the Christian value of morality. Nevertheless, the hula auana continues to convey or comment on a particular story, but these stories may contain some events that happened since the 1800s. A different matter that changed is the costumes of the lady dancers became less revealing.

 But nowadays, it seems that two more hula categories are materializing, namely monarchy and ai kahiko. The monarchy style contains the hula dances that were created and choreographed back in the 19th century. The ai kahiko form, that when translated means “in the ancient style,” are the hula dances written during both the 20th and 21st centuries that stick to the stylistic methods of the kahiko form.

 The hula is taught in dance schools that are called the hālau. The hula teacher is called the kumu hula and kumu, when translated, stands for the source of knowledge. The hula dance is a complicated and challenging art form. There are countless hand motions that are used in order to represent several facets of nature. Some examples of this are the basic Hula as well as the Coconut Tree motions, or a few basic leg movements like the Ami, Kaholo and Ka'o.

  There also exist other exotic dances that originate from the other Polynesian islands like Samoa, Tahiti, Tonga and New Zealand or Aotearoa. But then, the hula dance is still unique to the beautiful Hawaiian Islands and no other dance form could ever come close to its exquisiteness. Kauai wedding specialist

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Shopping - Kaua‘i

Shopping - Kaua‘i

Hanalei | Kapa‘a | Lihu‘e | Po‘ipu

More than 40 specialty shops and restaurants.
Where: 5190 Kuhio Hwy.
Hours: Most merchants open 9 a.m.-9:30 p.m.
Info: (808) 826-7222

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More than 35 shops and restaurants amidst flowing waterfalls and a tropical garden. See a Wyland wall mural and cultural and historical displays depicting Kaua‘i's history.
Where: 4-831 Kuhio Hwy.
Hours: Most merchants open 9 a.m. to 6 or 7 p.m.
Info: (808) 822-4904

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Shop and dine right on the beach.
Where: 3416 Rice Street, Nawiliwili Harbor
Hours: Most shops open 9 a.m.-9 p.m.
Info: (808) 246-0634

More than 70 restaurants and shops, plus a twin movie theater.
Where: 4-484 Kuhio Hwy.
Hours: Retail merchants open 9 a.m.-9 p.m. Restaurants open 11 a.m.-9 p.m.
Info: (808) 822-3641

Kaua‘i's largest mall, featuring Kmart, Borders Books and Music, Longs Drug and more.
Where: 3-2600 Kaumualii Hwy.
Hours: Most merchants open 8 a.m.-6 p.m.; Longs and Star Market open later.
Info: (808) 245-7784

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Po'ipu's only shopping center, featuring more than 25 shops and restaurants. Free Tahitian dance shows twice weekly.
Where: 2360 Kiahuna Plantation Drive
Hours: Merchants open 9:30 a.m.-9:30 p.m., Monday-Saturday; 10 a.m.-7 p.m., Sunday
Info: (808) 742-2831

Oahu P a r k s & N a t u r e

P a r k s & N a t u r e

While you wouldn't want to take a dip in the dubious waters of the Ala Wai, the 1.4-mile paved path alongside the canal is perfect for a scenic walk or jog. From February through September you can pull up a piece of grass in Ala Wai Park and watch the canoe paddlers practice, on weekday evenings and weekend days.
Where: Along Ala Wai Boulevard, mountain side of Waikiki

BEACHES Hawaii Vacation
All beaches in Hawai‘i are open to the public. Water temperatures reach 78 degrees in the summer and 74 degrees in the winter. Pay close attention to posted warnings; the shore break on many beaches (especially the North Shore during the winter) is dangerous to even experienced swimmers. Visit our beach section.

This natural ocean geyser is caused by breaking surf being forced through an L-shaped lava tube, exploding upward from the pressure. Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr shared a famous beach kiss ("From Here to Eternity") in the small cove next to the Blow Hole.
Where: About 2 miles past Hanauma Bay on Kalaniana‘ole Highway (East coast of O‘ahu)

If you decide to wade out to this small island (500 yards offshore), wear old sneakers or reef walkers to protect your feet from the sharp coral. Be respectful to the droves of birds that call the island home. Though it's also known as Mokoli‘i ("small reptile"), one look at this conical island will explain how it got its more common name.
Where: North Kane‘ohe Bay (windward side), off-shore from Kualoa Regional Park

You can pick up hiking maps from the Department of Land and Natural Resources (Forestry and Wildlife office). The office has seven sectional maps of hiking trails on O‘ahu. Also visit our camping section.
Where: 1151 Punchbowl St., Kalanimoku Bldg., Room 131, Honolulu
Hours: 7:45 a.m.-4:40 p.m., Monday-Friday (except holidays)
Info: (808) 587-0166

A moderate hike with spectacular ocean views. The lighthouse uses prism glass in its lamp and has been functioning for more than 100 years. The bunkers near the top were constructed during World War II and are referred to in James Jones' novel, "From Here to Eternity." Offshore is Rabbit Island. Although it is shaped like a rabbit, the island is so named because a rancher released rabbits there to breed in the 1880s.
Where: Overlooks Makapu‘u Beach Park on O‘ahu's easternmost point

A popular rain forest hike, easy to moderate depending on how muddy the trail is. The mile-long trail ends in a freshwater pool and waterfall.
Where: End of Manoa Road in Manoa Valley

This 26-acre urban park on the Damon Estate is open to the public and perfect for picnicking, with aged monkeypod trees shading the vast green lawns. The grounds boast two streams, a taro patch, a carp pond, and a group of ancient petroglyphs. Admission is free.
Where: A few miles northwest of Honolulu, just off the Moanalua Freeway; take the Tripler Army Hospital exit
Hours: Opens, 9 a.m., mostly on weekends
Info: (808) 833-1944 to arrange self-guided walk; (808) 839-5334 for free guided walks

Photo by HVCB
The Pali (meaning "cliff" in Hawaiian) rises 1,186 feet above sea level, offering a panoramic view of windward O‘ahu. Keep a tight hold on hats (and small children), as it gets very windy up there.
This is the spot where King Kamehameha the Great drove opposing armies over steep cliffs (to their deaths) in the Nu'uanu Pali Battle for the island of O'ahu. This secured a victory in his quest to unite all of Hawai'i.
Where: Up Highway 61 (Pali Highway); look for the turnoff toward the top

Named after Queen Kapi‘olani, wife of King David Kalakaua, the park boasts jogging paths, bike paths, and a whole lot of open space for recreational pursuits. The Royal Hawaiian Band plays at the bandstand every Sunday, 2-4 p.m.
Where: Diamond Head end of Kalakaua Avenue

At sunset every evening, enjoy a torch-lighting ceremony and hula dance by the statue of legendary beach boy Duke Kahanamoku.
Where: Along the beach near the intersection of Kalakaua and Kapahulu avenues, Waikiki

Photo by HVCB/Jack Hollingsworth
All the free entertainment you could ask for on this two-mile stretch of sand. Start at the Hale Koa Hotel and make your way to the Natatorium War Memorial (the largest saltwater pool in the United States), or do it in reverse. An especially nice walk at sunset, as the tiki torches outside the hotels are lit and evening entertainment begins to warm up.

While whale-watching tours are memorable, many visitors don't realize that these gentle behemoths can often be seen at play from the shore, even without binoculars. Look for them between December and April, when they're most active. Note: drive carefully on this narrow road and look for a safe place to pull over before you let your eyes wander to the sea.
Where: Along Kalaniana‘ole Highway (east coast of O'ahu)

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R e c r e a t i o n

On any day of the week, come by and watch all the pretty birds in the sky: biplanes, gliders, hang-gliders, ultra-lights and skydivers use this place as a playground. Skydivers land at the west end of the airstrip; gliders, planes and hang-gliders take off from the east end (toward Ka‘ena Point).
Where: Dillingham Airstrip, Mokule‘ia (North Shore)

Waves can reach up to 30 feet during the winter months -- not good for swimming, but ideal for watching the best surfers in the world. Expect national TV crews, promotional tents and an air of excitement when a tourney is on. Events depend on wave size and other conditions that change on a daily basis.
Where: North Shore (from Hale‘iwa to Sunset Beach) and West O‘ahu (Makaha Beach)
When: The Triple Crown (Pipeline Masters, Hawaiian Pro and World Cup of Surfing) is held between mid-November and mid-December on the North Shore. Buffalo's Big Board surfing classic runs December through February at Makaha Beach. Makaha World Surfing Championships starts mid-February at Makaha Beach. Bodyboarding competitions at the Banzai Pipeline (North Shore) take place in January.

There are 181 free courts on the island, at 47 different locations. Courts operate on a first-come, first-served basis.
Info: Reservations: (808) 971-7150

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Big Island

Say Aloha to Hawaii’s Captivating Big Island for your Hawaii vacation

 The Big Island in Hawaii is most people’s ideal vacation spot and for Hawaii weddings. Why not, right? It is the perfect place to relax and have fun with friends and families. It offers luxurious beaches, glistening waterfalls and stunning natural attractions that made it one of the top tourist destinations.

   The Big Island’s name is really Hawaii but since it tends to be confused with the name of its state, Hawaii the island was dubbed as the Big Island. This place is more than a million years old and is considered as the youngest among all of the Hawaiian Islands.

   The Hilo Panaewa Zoo is one of Big Island’s attractions and tourists would definitely enjoy themselves here. This authentic tropical rainforest zoo is the only one of its kind in the whole United States. This is where one can find the white Bengal Tiger named Namaste as well as over 80 various animal species like Nene, an endangered Hawaiian State Bird. Tourists may also have a picnic here under the 100 different kinds of Palm as well as stroll with the colorful peacocks in their botanical garden, or what they call the zoo grounds.

   The Ahalanui Pool is another must-see site in the Big Island. These are an infinity pool and a spa in the ocean. There is a manmade sea-wall that separates this magnificent ocean pool from the other parts of the sparkling Pacific Ocean. However, what is incredible here is there is a kind of magic that is experienced underneath the surface of the pool. When the Kapoho Volcano erupted in 1960, it resulted in the creation of a natural phenomenon. This ocean pool became naturally heated to around 90o Fahrenheit, which makes their guests liken their experience here more to a heated spa than just a normal dip in the ocean.

   Coffee lovers out there would love to drop by the Holualoa Coffee Farm in Big Island. The Kona coffee is renowned for its extraordinary taste and tourists would get to enjoy a fantastic sightseeing and enlightening tour of this coffee plantation. Guests of the coffee farm would see and learn about the process of making coffee, starting from the tree, how to roast the coffee beans, up to the part where it is ready to serve in a cup.

   For those travelers who want to soak up some Hawaiian culture, be sure to visit the Lapakahi State Historical Park. This park has 262 acres that houses a partly restored coastal town that has daily activities for tourists such as storytelling and even reenactments of what life was like for the early Hawaiians.

   Active tourists would definitely delight in visiting the Kealakekua Bay State Historical Park. This is home to an underwater park, and it features the monument of Captain James Cook together with the Hikiau Heiau, a temple dedicated to Lono the Fertility God. This park offers hiking, horseback riding and kayaking. Other sports to enjoy; here are scuba diving and snorkeling. A magnificent glass-bottom boat cruise is also offered in this park.

   Akaka Falls State Park is where tourists would find two sparkling waterfalls. Travelers can feast their eyes on the magnificent Kahuna Falls and the equally majestic Akaka Falls, which is 442 feet high.

   These are just some of the Big Island’s attractive places. Truly, this vast island is a place in Hawaii where one can just kick back and engage in different activities. There is certainly no reason for a traveler to be idle when visiting the Big Island. This one enchanting site would surely earn itself a spot as huge as its name in tourists’ hearts.

 Article by Kauai wedding coordinator

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Pianist in Hawaii

Create a sophisticated atmosphere with a piano at your reception!

Have you considered what kind of background music you want during your wedding breakfast? Having a piano accompaniment can enhance your day and impress your guests. Here are our top ten tips for you to consider:

1. Have background piano music to entertain your guests during their meal

2. Soft romantic accompaniment will enhance the ambience of the day

3. Two hours of music while you relax and enjoy yourselves

4. A wide variety of tunes and songs are available to suit your mood or theme

5. Special tunes played for the newly married couple

6. Requests accepted to play your or your guests’ choice of music

7. Talented guests are encouraged to show off their vocal skills

8. No clock watching – we’re there for YOU!

9. Our fees are excellent value for accompaniment services

10. A deposit secures these services for your special day

Wow your guests with the elegance of a piano accompaniment as they enjoy themselves at your reception. Discuss your requirements and special requests with Donald who can accommodate his services to suit your wedding arrangements. He is available to travel anywhere in the UK to be at your reception.

Remember to contact Donald as soon as possible to secure your wedding day with him, as he does get quite booked up. Call him on 0151 722 6984 now or visit his website Hawaii music to find out more. You certainly won’t be disappointed!

Monday, June 23, 2008

by the palm tree in love in Hawaii

wedding pre photos

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Ride, Swim, and picnic On kauai's and Beutiful North shore

Ride, Swim, and Picnic On Kauai 's and Beutiful North shore

Come for an unforgettable horsback ride on kauai's beutiful north shore.
This located minuts from the historic plantetion town of kilauea and the famous kilauea point lighthouse and willife refuge. Our riding trail are a perfect balance of pristine Hawaiian wilderness and botanical gardens with numerous varieties of rare tropical plants and trees.

One of our most populer rides to a waterfall that sparkles silver in the sunlight and swim in a cool mountain pool. Followed by a tasty Hawaiian - style picnic served with Aloha under a plam thatched Hut .

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wedding in Hanalei

During our flight from Oahu to Kauai for a wedding at the Prince ville Hanalei
we encountered a beautiful sunrise from the window of the airplane.
Hawaiian Airlines has the best deals for early morning flight which also gives
you the chance to see a sunrise in the sky.