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  Tips and Ideas for an Ideal Outdoor Oahu Wedding
Outdoor weddings are incredibly romantic, intimate and beautiful. It offers a different kind of charm, casualness and magic that makes the day a very special one so it’s no wonder why many couples go for this.
An outdoor
Hawaii beach wedding also comes with a lot of advantages. With so many outdoor locations, the uniqueness it offers is unlimited. Also, an outdoor atmosphere creates its own ornamental surrounding. You would only need to add some more personal touches to it like chair decorations, topiaries, columns, aisle bows and ceremony arch. In this type of wedding, reception can be held in the same place as the ceremony. This brings convenience to the guests since they won’t have to travel from one location to another. Also, the couple can save on money for having to avail of one location only.
However, the main downside is this: an outdoor wedding is not easy to plan. The whole process can get very complicated at times because of the many considerations you need to make. But with careful planning, your dream outdoor wedding can be a reality. Feeling anxious about it is normal and “what if” questions may arise but it is important that you keep your cool to be able to handle everything well.
To help you in planning an outdoor wedding, here are some outdoor wedding ideas and notes.
Outdoor Wedding Location
There are many wonderful locations which you can consider for an outdoor wedding such as historic estates, scenic landmarks, parks, the beach or your very own backyard. Choosing among these places is easy. It is planning the wedding on that place which is very demanding. Choose a location with both outdoor and indoor facilities as much as possible. If not, be sure to rent tents at the very least. This helps in case the good weather forecast is wrong.
Know whether the place requires a permit for the event, if there is a limit on the number of guests and if serving alcohol there is allowed.  Make sure that you have easy access on the amenities you need such as restrooms and electricity. Remember, nobody would be crazy over peeing on grass.
If the location you chose has bugs and other insects, you can hire an exterminator have him spray the place on the day before the wedding. You can also make use of special candles that keep the bugs away.
Outdoor Wedding Decorations
How Can You Choose Your Wedding Attire?
If you are a bride who is determined to dance in the night, 
then you can consider changing into an entirely different costume.
 You can change to a knee-length dress or a mini skirt dress. You must completely remove your headpiece. 
You can change to flat shoes. You can change your formal bridal jewelry with something casual.

The wedding reception is one of the most important parts of your wedding. As time passes 
your formal attire can get a little bit uncomfortable. So when you are selecting your 
wedding attire you should consider your wedding reception also. I would suggest 
ou to buy a bridal gown, which has a removable veil, a removable bustle or train and 
a set of casual bridal jewelry for the reception. This will ensure that you have a great time at your reception.

Apart from the comfort factor you can analyze the tips given below prior to choosing your wedding dress

• You should look at bridal magazines before going for shopping so that you get an idea about what you can find there.
• Select those friends or family members who understand your personal style and shop with them. 
This will ensure that there is no conflict of opinion.
• Visit a reputable, full service salon  and make proper treatment and alterations of your wedding dress
• You should consider the degree of formality of your wedding before choosing your wedding dress. 
• You can set a budget. However it should be flexible and you should be ready make understandable changes.

How to select groom’s wedding attire?

As a groom wedding is your big day. So you should look at your best on that day. You should stand out 
from the rest i.e. groomsmen.  You can do so by following these tips.

• If the groomsmen are wearing black then you can wear white.
• You can put a different flower in your boutonniere.
• Instead of a cummerbund you can wear a vest.  There are different styles from which you can select (solid or patterned).
• You can wear a different styled or colored shirt from that of the groomsmen.

More over a groom should consider certain rules before selecting his attire. They are

• An old rule says that you should not wear tuxedos before 6:00 p.m. however; nowadays this rule is not valid.
A groom can wear a tuxedo if the reception starts at 6pm or later.
• If the wedding is in the morning or early afternoon, you must not wear a tuxedo. Instead of a tuxedo you can 
wear a stroller, morning coat or a daytime suit.

What can you wear to a wedding?


You should not wear white as it competes with the bride and also you should not wear black or sequins in daytime.
 You should avoid overly sexy dresses, which will be inappropriate for the occasion. 
If there is no specification about the formality of the wedding in the invitation, then you can wear a soft floral 
dress or pastel suit for daytime or a little black dress for evening.


A black tuxedo with white shirt and a black bow tie is the most appropriate attire for a wedding. If the wedding 
is after 6 pm you can wear a dark suit with a tie. However you should not wear a tuxedo during daytime. 
If there is no specification about the formality of the wedding in the invitation, then you can wear a dark 
suit with a conservative tie.


Our Recent Article

Making your own bouquet

Who Might be Interested
This tip is mainly for couples who live in the NYC area, but can be useful for all who are interested in doing their own or a friend's wedding floral arrangements.

Why and Where
If you are planning to have simple flowers requirements for your wedding, want to save some money, and you are willing to do the work; then visit the
flower district at 27th and 28th Street, between 6th and 7th Avenue. You can't beat their prices - in November, lots of 2 dozens long stem roses go for about $12.

There are over 20 wholesalers in the area. They are open between 3am to 12pm everyday. For your personal uses, the best time to visit is between 9am and 11am.

 Planning Ahead
You should plan ahead for shopping for your flowers. Pick out one color as your focal point, that way, you won't be distracted by hundreds of tempting flowers.
Go in a week before you are ready to work on your flowers. Check out what is readily available. Special orders are not recommended. You also need to make
sure the flowers will be at their best on your wedding day. Most flowers last for a week, if taken care properly. So don't purchase them too early.
You should also take into account that some flowers look good as buds and in full bloom, such as roses; but lilies need to be in full bloom to be in their glory
and can take 2 to 3 days to reach their peak.

On the day before you are ready to start working on your flowers, go to the wholesalers and select the flowers you need. They are sold in pre-packaged
bunches of 1 to 2 dozens, not by individual stems. If you need larger quanities, just speak to the staff. Be sure to bring a friend or two, flowers can get very heavy.

Some Extras You Might Need
While you are in the area, don't forget to get floral supplies. For bouquets and boutonnieres, you will need green floral tape, wire, pins and bouquet holders.
For floral arrangements, you might need floral foam, baskets and vases. To prolong the life of certain flowers, you will need waterpicks to insert them into.
Last but not least, ribbons are the most popular trimming for floral arrangements and decorations. You will find a wide variety in floral supply shops,
rom simple acetate ribbons (1.5" x 50 yds for $8 each roll) to beautiful wired ribbons (1.5" x 10 yds for $10 to $20 each roll). Don't forget to get a
pair of sharp cutters for those tough stems.

 Then What
When you get home, prep the flowers immediately to keep them in good condition. Trim off 1" to 2" of stems at a diaganal, strip off thorns and leaves up to
water level. Put them in tepid water with the recommended amount of preservatives. Let the flowers sit in water for at least 6 to 12 hours before working with them.
 This should be enough time to revive them from water deprivation during shipping and transport. If you won't be working on the flowers for a few days, remember
 to trim the stems and change the water every day.

Get Set
With the help of some artistic friends and perhaps some good floral arrangement references, you are now ready to put together the floral fantasies of your dreams.





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